Tennesee ranks in middle of the pack for DUI law

DUI law is a serious matter in Tennessee, the need for an experienced Murfreesboro DUI attorney is always present

Driving under the influence is a serious matter from state to state and not only in Tennessee or Rutherford County. In a recent article from WalletHub, states were identified as the strictest and most lenient on DUI law across the board.

Within the overall rankings, Tennessee ranks in the middle at number 19 with a total score of 46.36% while ranking number 13 on criminal penalties. WalletHub used 15 key metics which included items such as jail time, fines, sobriety checkpoints and penalties for high BAC among other criteria.

The article points out several interesting facts and key findings which are also in the infographic below. To name a few, around 31% of motor vehicle fatalities in 2014 revolved around alcohol according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The article also suggest the average fine for a first time DUI offender is $347 and that all but seven states can automatically suspend the driver’s license of someone who is arrested for DUI before any legal or court involvement. In the same regard, Tennessee is one of 37 states where treatment is mandatory after a DUI conviction.

While DUI is still a serious offense state wide and on the national level, there is a silver lining as the article states that during the 1980’s, states began to focus on drunk driving more and the rate of impaired driving along with the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers has dropped considerably since then. At the same rate, the way people view drunk driving and DUI offenders socially has changed as well as it can sometimes have a negative connotation, especially if death is involved. 

No matter where you reside, DUI law will always be a topic of concern. With tough DUI penalties, the need for a DUI attorney is always pressing. With an experienced team at Drake Drake and Frost, knowledge and experience are key as statistics indicate that 8% of DUI arrests will go to trial while 88% will result in successful prosecutions.

To view the article from WalletHub, click here.

DUI Enforcement Infographic

Source: WalletHub

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