Understanding the types of family law

When you take the vows and start a family, many do not know what life may behold after the big day. As there are many circumstances that are out of one’s control, there are also many areas that fall under federal and state control.

Family law mainly revolves around the legal structure and rules of the family. It not only relates to married couples, but it can also extend to non-married couples, same-sex couples and other relationships. Some cases can be resolved out of the court room while others may involve court or mediation.

Family law may include the following scenarios plus more:

Marriage law

Marriage law is a common form of family law as it revolves around prenuptial agreements, same-sex marriages or money and property.


No one gets married to get divorced, but it happens everyday. It can be a long and daunting process, and the effects of divorce can remain for years after it may legally end. In the state of Tennessee, divorce law may relate to the types of marriage that are prohibited and legal, terms for an annulment and also how the state manages property and assets.

Child Custody/Child support

Understanding the types of child custody and child support options are important if you are separated or divorced. Child custody can be a complex process and there are several types. Finding the right mix will require adequate legal representation. Who gets custody? How do you get custody? These are the first questions you will examine if you have a child custody case. On the other hand, the agreement may be a main topic in child support. 

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is all too common these days within family law. In most cases, domestic violence can be physical abuse, but it can also extend into the realm of sexual abuse, threats or even cyberstalking.


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